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National Basketball League

The National Basketball League, shortly known as the NBL, is the premier basketball league in Autralia and New Zealand. The NBL is a professional league which consists of 10 teams. Among the 10 teams, 9 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand. The first ever season of the league was held in 1979 and it is the second oldest national sports event in Australia.

NBL Season

The NBL seasons are structured similar to that of other professional basketball leagues. Each year the league starts with a regular season and ends with the NBL Grand Finals.

Regular Season

Every year the regular season of the National Basketball League starts in early October and ends in the middle of February month. During the regular season, each team plays a total of 28 games (14 games each at home and away). Only in the 2020-21 season, each team played 36 games (8 extra games) due to the NBL Cup tournament.


The NBL Finals are held every season to determine the champion of the league. The top six teams will qualify for the Finals based on their regular season results. The teams will play two sudden-death play-in games followed by the best-of-three Semifinals. The top two teams will qualify for the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

The NBL Grand Finals are a series of games played to decide the winner of the Dr John Raschke Trophy. In the Grand Finals, the two teams that passed the Semifinals will play a series of games in a best-of-five format. Perth Wildcats is the most successful team of the tournament with 10 championship wins. It was followed by Melbourne United with 6 wins.

Free Reddit NBL Streams

The 45th season of the National Basketball League will be held in 2022-23. The regular season of the event will begin on 1st of October and a total of 140 games will be played. Can I watch reddit NBL stream here on Yes, all the games of NBL from regular season to NBL Finals to Grand Finals will be available to stream for free of cost.

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